Sensory Saturday Pricing Plan

AM Saturday Rate 9AM - 1PM $ 30 /day

Parent or Guardian MUST be Present

  • No Meals Included
  • Four Activities per Day
  • One Entrepreneur Station

PM Saturday Rate 2PM - 6PM $ 30 /day

Parent or Guardian MUST be Present

  • No Meals Included
  • Four Stations
  • One Entrepreneur Stations

Full-Day Saturday 9:00AM - 6:00PM $ 150 /day


  • Meals Included
  • ALL Stations
  • Parent MUST be Present
  • Sibling Discounts



We understand that not all children will be open to performing all of the activities in our STEM CAMPS. In order to balance the schedule, you can select specific areas that you would like to focus on with your child.

No more than four (4) children and four (4) adults are allowed in any zone. This supports the need to control the student’s anxieties that may arise with larger groups.

Your child should NOT get bored as we rotate them in various zones. Having you or an authorized guardian by their side adds that added comfort so they can enjoy the STEM experience.

Our goal is to provide you and your child with a positive learning environment through engaging STEM-focused activities.

With your participation, we will be able to keep the program organized. We will teach the lesson plan to the group and as the parent/guardian, you will assist the student. Our goal is to provide exposure to STEM activities with the help of a guardian that is 18 years or older to special needs students.


Instead of rotating every hour as we do in our daily STEM CAMPS, students and parents in our Sensory Saturday Camps can rotate as they see fit to keep the room organized and running smoothly. If your child prefers one area over another, we will NOT rush you to the next activity.

  • Learning with parents
  • Opportunities to build products for their business
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play
  • Individual attention in small groups
  • Learning program for Special Needs Children ONLY
  • Opportunities to make new friends